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18 pieces of sushi with tofu, sushi rice, quinoa, cucumber, and carrots inside sprinkled with sesame seeds and chia on top served on white plate with 2 sets of wooden chop sticks

Vegan Maki

Sol Cuisine Tofu (Serves 2 - 4)


1. Heat up a small pot of water or vegan broth to medium-high heat.
2. Rinse your quinoa, drain it of all liquid, then add it to the pot. Ensure that it is stirred constantly and lightly toasted for the extra nutty flavor.
3. Add two cups of water and the rice to the pot
4. Turn to heat up to the highest setting.
5. Once it starts to boil, reduce heat to low and simmer covered, for twenty minutes. Once it’s hot and fluffy, season with vinegar, salt, and sugar.
6. Fluff with a fork and allow to cool in a separate bowl. Keep aside
7. Prep your veggies cutting them into juliennes. Toss with a little bit of tamari. This would be your sushi filling.
8. Cover a bamboo sushi roller with plastic wrap. If you do not have a roller just use a piece of plastic wrap on a flat surface.
9. Place nori on top of plastic and spread a thin, even layer of quinoa leaving about 1/2 inch empty on the edge of the nori that is furthest from you.
10. Place your filling ingredients along the edge of the nori that is closest to you. A 1/2 inch width of filling usually works best.
11. Fold the edge that is closest to you inwards making sure to keep the filling tightly compacted and continue to tightly roll towards the edge that is furthest from you.
12. Once you have formed a roll wrap the plastic wrap around the roll. If you’re using a bamboo sushi roller wrap it around the roll after you have wrapped the plastic layer. Firmly squeeze the roll using both hands, starting from the inside and working outwards and ensuring that the roll is an even thickness.
13. Remove roll from plastic wrap and cut into 8 even pieces with a sharp knife.
14. Sprinkle with sesame seeds or chia seeds.
15. Serve with coconut sauce and wasabi and/or ginger.


1 cup Sol Cuisine Organic Tofu
1/2 cup uncooked sushi rice
1/2 cup uncooked quinoa
2 cups water or vegan broth
2 TBSP rice vinegar
1/8-1/4 tsp sugar
1/8-1/4 tsp salt
4 sheets of nori
1/4-1/2 an English cucumber
1-2 large carrots
1 avocado
toasted sesame seeds and chia seeds for topping
coconut sauce with ginger or wasabi for dipping

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