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Cauliflower Burger Panini

With Veggies and Homemade Pesto


Pesto: Add all ingredients to a food processor

Zucchini: Slice and drizzle with olive oil/  Cook in a hot frying pan for 2-3 minutes per side. Remove from the pan and season with salt, pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Sol Cuisine Burger: Follow cooking instructions on the package

Assemble: Spread pesto on bread slices and top one slice with burger patty, zucchini and peppers. Add remaining slice, pesto side down. Coat outside of bread with olive oil.

Grill: Place panini in grill/press and cook for 2-5 minutes, until golden.


Serves: 2


100g of sunflower nuts

1-2 cloves of garlic

2/4 cups  olive oil

1 cup fresh basil

4 tbsp. nutritional yeast

Salt and pepper to taste


1 Zucchini, sliced

2  Roasted Peppers

2 Sol Cuisine Cauliflower burgers

4 Slices of Italian sourdough bread

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