Food Service Product Line-Up

Veggie Breakfast Patties

Vegan, Gluten Free (Frozen) With 80% less fat than a regular cooked pork sausage these savoury breakfast patties are mouthwatering, high in protein and quick and easy to prepare. (88 x38g/1.3oz)


Vegan (Frozen)

Delicious Falafel patties with a taste of the Mediterranean. Serve traditionally in pita bread with a tahini-based sauce to make fast, tasty pocket sandwiches.

(288 x 20g/0.7oz)

Texturized Vegetable Protein

Vegan, Gluten Free (Dry)

Unflavoured texturized vegetable protein with a ground beef texture!

Veggie Burger Mix

Vegan (Dry)

Makes 300 x 113g (4 oz) burgers. Delicious, pre-seasoned vegetarian dry mix for making great tasting burgers, veggie meatballs or for use as a replacement for ground meat in any recipe. Just add water and oil. This mix provides versatility at a low cost!

Veggie Sol Dog 7″

Vegan (Frozen)

Jumbo 7” veggie dogs with the look, texture and taste of their meat alternative. Seasoned with a “take-me out-to-the-ball-game” blend of herbs and spices.

  (40 x 91g/3.2oz)

Quinoa Chia Burger

Vegan, Gluten Free, Made Without Soy (Frozen)

“Chi” means “life force” and we’ve harnessed several in this burger. Powered by superfoods black chia, organic quinoa and sweet potato, this burger is full of Mother Nature’s Best offerings.

(36 x 113g/4oz), (36 x 113g/4oz), (48 x 71g/2.5oz)  

Spicy Meatless Chicken Burger

This lightly fried spicy chicken burger has the chewy texture and mouthwatering flavor everyone loves.  Ready in minutes!

Meatless Burger

Vegan, Gluten Free (Frozen)

This great tasting “meatlike” burger comes in 2 sizes and has a texture and taste that makes it hard to believe there’s no beef. Great on the barbecue or on the grill.

(36 x 113g/4oz), (30 x 170g/6oz)