Animals, people, planet

At Sol Cuisine, we’re on a mission to provide vegan foods with superior taste and empower more North Americans to embrace plant-based eating, not just to stay healthy, but also to protect the environment and each other. And we’re doing just that by safeguarding animals and the planet while supporting our local communities.  

Plants for the planet

Animal farming accounts for 30 per cent of the planet’s land usage and agriculture demands 70 per cent of freshwater use, much of it dedicated to meat and dairy. But there is hope. At Sol Cuisine, we are committed to turning the tide. Last year alone, by producing 800,000 kg of plant-based foods we conserved 87 million gallons of water and stopped 30 million kg of Carbon dioxide from being released into the environment. That’s the power of plant-based.

Plants by the numbers

Still need more reasons to switch to plant-based eating? Plant-based eating:

Water icon

Uses 10x less water than animal protein

Land icon

Uses 18x less land than animal protein

CO2 Icon

Creates 10x less Co2 than animal protein

Energy Icon

Uses 46% less energy than animal protein

Oh, and with Sol Cuisine, it tastes great, too.