Letter from the President

My fondest memories of my childhood are of my grandfather’s dairy. I would go along with him on his delivery runs, meeting all the shop owners and customers. I loved it and it gave me an early grounding in farming and food manufacturing.

Before I started Sol Cuisine, I was a vegetarian, and had a hard time finding great tasting, protein rich, meat-free foods. I loved cooking and began experimenting. That’s how it all began. I saw an opportunity to follow my passion and went for it.

Soy is such a versatile food, with health benefits so superior to animal protein. I can’t think of anything more exciting than making soy foods that sustain and satisfy people. Our health is the most precious thing we have, so why not preserve it by eating good food!

Every day we hear from customers telling us how much they appreciate our products.

When we hear from a mom or dad who has finally found our delicious Organic Veggie Crumbles  or Organic BBQ Tofu Ribs to feed a daughter or son who refuses to eat meat or is gluten intolerant… When we hear from people who can’t get enough of our veggie burgers…

We share in their delight and feel the greater purpose of the work that we do. We’re grateful for our emotional attachment to our customers, because food is emotional. Our work gives us hope for our planet and makes us all feel as though we’re making a difference.


Dror Balshine and the Sol Cuisine Team